Sigrun Sævarsdóttir-Griffiths

Sigrun Sævarsdóttir-Griffiths
Sigrún Sævarsdóttir-Griffiths is the Founder and Artistic Director of MetamorPhonics.  Sigrun is a musician, educator and leader of creative and collaborative music making, within higher education and a vast range of artistic and community contexts, across England, Europe, the US and Asia. For 12 years, Sigrun was Course Leader of the Masters in Leadership Course at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, where she now leads the Social Arts Practice elective, lectures and leads artistic work.  Sigrún is a visiting lecturer at the Iceland Arts Academy and has led independent professional training courses in Reykjavik each summer since 2006. Sigrun is a multi-instrumentalist who specialises in the facilitation of collaborative music making within arts environments as well as community contexts, with particular emphasis within mental health and homelessness. She was one of the founding members and lead tutors of the award-winning Guildhall School’s Connect Programme which won the Queen’s Anniversary Award in 2005. Sigrun’s professional direction began to shift towards working with adults in recovery, when she, along with her co-leader, Guy Wood set up The Messengers in 2012. Gradually through the years her idea of expansion grew and developed until eventually in 2019, MetamorPhonics was born.

Sigrun’s latest band with MetamorPhonics, Korda Samfonia- was nominated for the Iceland Music Awards in 2022 in the category Event of the Year, for the band’s debut performance at Harpa Concert Hall in May 2021. Korda´s debut album Ég sé þig was released on Spotify in May 2022, the same day as a TV programme about the band and it´s members was shown on national TV.

Sigrún´s past and current employers include The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Thornton School of Music (University of Southern California) London Symphony Orchestra, City of London Sinfonia, English National Ballet, Bath International Music Festival, BBC, ITV, Tokyo Collage of Music, Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music (Singapore), Casa da Musica (Portugal), European Music Council and Reykjavik Arts Festival.

Sigrun is passionate about enabling music making and access to the arts as an essential, unifying element of life, for every person-in every community.