About us

Korda Samfónía in rehearsal in Harpa Concert Venue, Reykjavík, Iceland. Image: Julie Rowland

Who we are

MetamorPhonics is a Community Interest Company which creates unique, inclusive environments for music making, with students in higher education and adults in recovery, including people with lived experiences of homelessness.


  • Help adults in recovery to become independent, active and valued members of society.
  • At the same time, the program develops amongst music students, an active social responsibility and transferable skills, enabling them to meaningfully collaborate with people across all social, political and cultural backgrounds.

Our unique project model stems from the combination and collaboration between music students and adults in recovery and the way we support both groups, in taking next steps towards independent, fulfilling futures.

We promote dialogue, empathy, tolerance and understanding, with the view to bridge perceived social barriers.

What we do

MetamorPhonics create bands, each with their own identity, in London, across the UK and internationally, set up in collaboration with higher education institutions, orchestras, occupation rehabilitation centres and homeless charities. The bands are led by highly experienced professional musicians and focus on collective and collaborative composition processes, resulting in high quality music, created and owned by all band members.