Kate Smith

Kate Smith

Kate Smith is a vocal artist, composer and workshop leader whose practice is defined by the search for connections between people and disciplines, voice and body.

Kate has travelled a diverse artistic path, moving from working in film and music in the US and China, to settling in London where she earned an MMus from The Guildhall, and created The Embodied Voice. A holistic practice that combines mindfulness, improvisation, movement, and voice, The Embodied Voice informs the many branches of her practice and shapes her role as an in-demand performer and maker in British vocal theatre.

 Kate is a member of Verity Standen’s acclaimed Undersong, a respected colleague within the UK vocal improv scene, and a creative collaborator with a range of artists (Kima, Re:Sound, Convex). Kate is the founder and leader of THAT! Ensemble, a thriving London-based improvisational movement and voice group, making waves in the experimental performance art and music cross-over scene. They have presented work at the TATE Exchange, The London Charterhouse, Hundred Years Gallery, The Nest Collective, Barbican and more.

 Kate teaches regular classes on The Embodied Voice; she has been commissioned by The Whitechapel Gallery to lead their workshop series “Voices That Matter”, has led workshops for Making Tracks, Create, Antidote and several choirs around the UK, as well as internationally in Malta and Portugal, and has consulted on voice and movement direction for Greenwich Dance and Cyphers Theatre Company.

 As a creative workshop leader, Kate has taught and led workshops for Create, Guildhall School of Music and Drama, The Barbican, Aldeburgh Young Musicians, the BBC and more, working in prisons, hospitals, schools and more. As the Founder of Curiosa, Kate also runs her own music and arts retreats in Portugal in the summers.