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Unique, inclusive environments for music making

MetamorPhonics create bands, each with their own identity, in London, across the UK and internationally, set up in collaboration with higher education institutions and homeless charities.

About Metamorphonics

What people are saying

“ Fabulous idea! Experiments like this - sociomusical experiments - are the future of both music and society. What we really need now is to reverse the process of atomisation - the separation of people from each other - that has been pushing us further and further apart for the last 40 years. The conception of society as a random grouping of self-interested individuals has got us into the mess we're in now. We need ways of coming together again. This approach to collaborative art is a way to do that.

Brian Eno
musician, record producer, visual artist, and theorist

Featured track

The Messengers Have You Ever

Have You Ever is one of the Messengers' most beautiful songs. Written in 2014, this track is true testament to the band's shared ownership and collaborative process, both in terms of composition and performance. Solos, in order of appearance: Vocals: Kate Smith, Susan Onions, Maryanne Pereira Guitar solo: Paul Webb Rap: Kevin Speid